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We offer you Spain’s artisan flavours


    For cooking
    Chorizo for cooking

    Here you find the fullest flavours of the chorizo sausage – some are smoky, some herby, all fantastically packed with flavour...


    Ready to eat
    Chorizo, ready to eat

    Hoop-shaped cured chorizo rings, thick gran vela chorizos, the prized chorizo ibérico...

  • HAMS

    Boneless & on the bones
    Serrano & Ibérico Hams

    We stock a large variety of whole hams on the bone, boneless and in slices...


    Black pudding
    Morcilla, black pudding

    Morcilla (Spanish black pudding) is used both as a tapa and/or as an ingredient in stews and other dishes...


    For cooking
    Charcuterie for cooking

    Here we feature a rare 3 Gold Star, Great Taste Awards prize winning panceta. Naturally smoked and slowly dry cured...


    Ready to eat
    Charcuterie, ready to eat

    Fuet, a delicate thin cured sausage from Catalonia made with tender pork loin...


    & Quince
    Cheese & quince

    We offer prize-winning quince jelly and a full Spanish award-winning cheeseboard...


    Catering & retail
    Olives, Catering & retail

    There are several botanical varieties of olive tree that produce aceitunas de mesa, table olives...


    & vinegar
    Olive oil & vinegar

    The dietary virtues of olive oil are well known. It is one of the very few natural oils that are fresh fruit juices that undergo neither fermentation nor chemical processing...

  • FISH

    & other seafood
    Fish & other seafood

    Spain has a sophisticated approach to canning and bottling and has a magnificent variety of gourmet fish preserves...


    & pickles
    Vegetables & pickles

    Fresh padrón peppers from Galicia, flavoursome tiny peppers to be grilled/fried and served as a tapas...

  • RICE

    & pulses
    Rice & pulses

    Rice, widely found in Spanish cooking and famously used in paella in the eastern Mediterranean coastline...

  • Spices and Paprika


    Paprika & other spices
    Saffron, paprika & other spices

    We only stock the highest quality Mancha Spanish saffron. Choosing the best will reward you with the deepest rich red colour...



    Among these we have tortas de aceite; thin, crispy, delicate pastries from Seville...



    We have the thick dark Spanish drinking chocolate that goes so well with churros...


    & mantecados
    Turrón & mantecados

    Turrón (Spanish nougat) and mazapán (Spanish sweet marzipan) are essential at Christmas time in Spain...


    ...pans, etc
    Equipment,...pans, etc

    We stock earthenware clay dishes in several sizes for serving tapas and clay jugs for wine or sangria...